Sunday, December 02, 2007


I learned an important lesson about myself last night: if you give me a juice-glass sized cup of wine, I will chug that shit like it's Minute Maid.

Do that three times and it is not improbable to find myself at a random rich person's 40th birthday party with a Stella and a Heineken in my bag, dancing with a 10-year-old in front of a video screen.

I need to stop being a lush. Or maybe I need to start crashing more open bar parties. I haven't decided yet.


Robert said...

I think the answer to a situation like this is pretty obvious...more open bar parties. I heart that you have a blog. They're sorta stupid, but fun.

Robert said...

M^olly, will you please go into your blog settings and change site feeds to "Full" this would allow me to read your blog with google reader, which to me, is hot. Thx