Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best pen pal ever

OK, so I lied about cutting back on the Jens talk, but you guys, ANOTHER EMAIL!!

You didn't think I'd let that amazing show in December just breeze by without sharing my appreciation, right?  Of course I emailed him:
Hello Jens,

Thank you for coming back to New York.  I attended your beautiful show last night (the 9th) and assume you had another beautiful one tonight.  I was in the midst of a really bad cold yesterday and your show made me feel completely healthy for a good two hours.  I hope you make peace with this great city.

Keep in mind that I was still pretty sick and that was sent at 12:04am.  (Also keep in mind as you read this that I'm currently killing almost a whole bottle of cheap shiraz and getting a little tired and emotional.)

So today at work I got this and did my best to not freak the fuck out in front of my still new-ish coworkers:
thanks molly !
the peace has been established, hoping to come back soon.
Yay!  Jens and New York City, friends again!  I'd like to think that I had a strong influence in this decision, but two sold-out shows probably didn't hurt either.

I hope he comes back in the springtime.  In fact, I should send him an invite him right now...

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