Friday, April 07, 2006

Rain rain go away

You would think that this crap weather would make me feel like I was still in London but ... no. It just feels like disgusting, freezing-almost-snow-like, New Hampshire rain. Blah. There are no other London-type attributes to found here either. No pubs, no brick buildings, no crusty minicab drivers, no Topshop, not even any streetlights or sidewalks. Because I live in the middle of NOWHERE. *Ahem,* my parents live in the middle of nowhere; I am simply mooching off them until I get a job and/or a place to live. Far, far from here, I hope.

I almost bought a copy of the Village Voice today in the hope that it would magically bestow a hip NYC job and hip NYC apartment on me. But then I realized I was about to pay $2.75 for something I could look up online using the internet service that I don't have to pay for. Yes, there is a plus to this sheltered confinement.

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