Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tears for Audrey :(

Oh the pain, the sadness, the torture. My beloved iPod, Audrey, is gone. The battery got all stupid and wouldn't charge anymore so I had to send her to some mysterious Apple place in LA to get repaired. BUT, little did I know, Apple will not merely replace the battery, no no, they replace the entire iPod! That is pretty damn cool...although this battery better last longer because I barely had the thing for a year. But STILL, it means that I am without any iPod until my new one comes. It is a living hell. I only sent it out yesterday, but I keep wistfully gazing out my window in the hope that the DHL man will magically appear with my new baby, like a yellow-clad stork. Or something. I'll have to think of a smashing name for the new one.

The other living hell is UNEMPLOYMENT, as all the other unemployed out there know. At least I get to live with my parents (yay?) and get free food and stuff, but I did not think this would be lasting longer than a month. And I've been home for a month and a DAY exactly.
I was suddenly on a new self-confidence kick yesterday, thinking "hey, I've just got to be really strict, set time limits, and spend about 5 hours a day searching and sending resumes online." But I already feel like I've reached the end of the internet. Or the end of my brain patience.
I dug out my trusty copy of What Color Is Your Parachute? (a perfect graduation gift, by the way) seeking some guidance, but instead found the statistic that "the success rate of trying to find a job through the Internet turns out to be only 4% (yikes!)." Yes, "yikes" indeed.
So now I'm just depressed again. There's a part of me that thinks this book wasn't meant for Theatre majors. Whatever, I'm going to get away from the computer and absorb everything on the "life-changing job hunt" anyway.

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