Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bring on the comments

OK people, I've decided to be generous and open up my comments box to all who feel like leaving me comments. Because I am lonely without comments. But I also hate spammers, so I hope I've set it up properly to keep them away. Spammers, be gone!!

In other news, I am quietly seething while my dad is hijacking the TV in the other room. I was all ready to finish watching Malcolm X (yeah...I fell asleep before finishing it last's frickin' long, OK??), but before I could get there he decides to watch some PBS thing full of violins and opera singers. I'm all for PBS, and even some singing, but this is damn boring. Give me my Spike Lee.

This is why I can't wait for my job to start. I can't wait to be independent again. But....who knows if I will even have TV.

PS: Because this blog is also supposed to be about my unstoppable consumption of sugar, I will confess that I had ice cream for breakfast today. And LIKED it. Well...until I felt guilty and ate a big bowl of fruit and flaxseed. And no, I did not explode.....yet.

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