Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hey intern!

I am a lazy bum. I am so lazy that I do not take the 3 or so minutes it takes to update my blog, even though I am usually online half the day. I'll admit, I spend most of my free internet time laughing at The Girl Who Ate Everything, which never ceases to entertain me. Read it! You will never go back ... um, unless you're going back to my blog because I'm still cool.

Well, the real reason I haven't updated my blog is because nothing interesting was happening in my life (unless you think me sitting at home slowly getting fatter from my cereal addiction is interesting...in which case you are weird). Nothing interesting until NOW! Dun dun DUN! I have a JOB. Ok....I actually have an internship, which is like a job, but doesn't pay like a real job. But that's ok, because there's theatre and free housing involved! And driving-of-cars-that-are-not-mine! I'm going to be a Company Management Intern at the Hangar Theatre and I'm starting this very weekend! Which sucks a little, because now I have to get off my cereal-fattened ass and pack, but is overall GREAT because, holy shit, I'm leaving NH and I don't have to work at the mall all summer!! Yahoooo!

In other news, Audrey is back. Yes, Audrey, not a replacement Audrey. Why? Because Apple hates me, that's why. They decided the battery was fine and they wanted to make me waste $29.95 on shipping to tell me that. While also erasing all of her contents and making me download and re-install everything. Losers.

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