Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm falling apart arrrgraraarghhhhh

My filling fell out yesterday for NO GOOD REASON. Was I eating something outrageously chewy and sticky like a month-old Starburst? No. Was I trying to open beer bottles with my molars? No. Was I prying at it with pieces of abrasive metal? Hell no. It just fell out. Like that. Well....I actually don't know what it was like because I didn't really witness it happen. I just suddenly felt a weird gaping part in the side of my tooth where a little silver thing used to be. I was tempted to ignore it and pretend it never happened, but I can't be in denial for too long.

And the worst part is that, being an uninsured poor intern-on-a-stipend-pay, it's going to cost $94 JUST for the exam. Who knows what the new filling itself would cost. Probably $838,038,328. Yeah. This sucks.

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