Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ain't no party like a theatre people party...

You know you're at a good party when:

-You are drinking Grey Goose that you didn't pay for out of a red plastic cup without a mixer
-People start jamming on an accordian
-A Lab actor serenades you on guitar with a personalized song about dinosaurs
-The sound engineer gives you a "crack vial" as a little gift for you to keep
-You dance on a table to David Bowie - and it's a slow song (this should really happen at any party)
-You start a Waiting For Guffman quoting war with the wardrobe guy
-You are able to keep refilling said plastic cup without the drunken purchaser ever noticing
-Straight girls start making out with each other

OK, maybe not that last one. That's actually a good indicator of when it's time to leave.

Aaaand scene.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Opening night is a special time
Look out, look out
There will be two
For Bloodlines.