Saturday, July 08, 2006

black is the new black

The pimping story:
It was not quite a cupcake, not quite beautiful, but still worth the effort. And still quite tasty, actually.

If I had a digital camera, I could show you the glory, but you'll have to imagine it. Or someone with pictures on their cell should figure out how to upload them and send them to me *ahem*andreaandrebecca*ahemhmm*.

I should have known it was going to all go downhill when we decided to make the top icing blue. There was much arguing over whether it should be a golden-yellow or a chocolate-brown so we went with blue instead ... for springtime. Or Independence Day - minus the red. Or something. ANYWAY, it turns out that I was thinking of the golden-orange cupcakes and Rebecca was thinking of the golden cupcakes with chocolate icing, which I truly swear I have never seen. Maybe it's a city thing. I still declare no victories in this argument. The hardest part of the construction was getting the layers to stand up once we cut out the middle for the creamy filling (which, in my opinion, was the best and dreamiest part). By the time we got the top on and haphazardly made the trademark swirl, it collapsed. Then it was just gross.

Overall: an exciting, sugary, messy, beautiful time. Do it yourself. Just add beer.

And in other news, I dyed my hair BLACK. That's right, I'm all Ashlee-Simpson-trying-to-be-punk. Before the nose job. No ... I'm just an evil version of my original self.

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