Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This morning I dropped a mushroom behind the microwave, which sits on a handy rolling cabinet thingy.

When I rolled out the cabinet and poked around with the Swiffer, I found not only the mushroom, but a sponge, a few packets of Splenda, a ladle, and a packet of ramen. I'm not kidding.

Sooooo... might be time to clean the kitchen.


Needs Coffee To Live said...

Your blog inspired me to look behind my own rolling-kitchen-island-thing.... I found a pacifier, a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese, a wooden spoon and 34 cents in random change. As I was cleaning it, Gaven ran in and started yelling at me because I was "taking his treasure...". Apprently my son hordes.

RavenMcCoy said...

at least he's hoarding good stuff! i wish i found 34 cents.