Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Move your errrmms!

I am on a lovely "staycation" this week (side note: I really hate the word "staycation" but can't stop using it all the time - stop me) and so took some time to pop into a dance class this evening. I came away with some of the best Bev quotes/life lessons ever.
  • On stretching: "Move your head into eternity!"
  • On being ghetto: "Some of y'all need to visit Harlem. Well... some of y'all should bring a friend."
  • On... crowding, maybe?: "Move all the way up to the mirror! This is New York City and some people are homeless!"


andrea said...

I don't think I would ever take a hip hop class, but you'd better effing believe we are taking one with this lady when I come in in October. Believe it.

RavenMcCoy said...