Monday, August 10, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: I heart Web MD

Hey, remember when I had mono? That was no fun. I was bored out my mind and just surfed the internets all day reading terrible things. Good thing Andrea is my voice of reason.
  • 8/16/08 - 3:08pm
molly: oh my god, i'm reading horrible things about mono
apparently if my liver is damaged badly enough, i may have to avoid alcohol for up to a YEAR
andrea: STOP
molly: i thought i used up all my bad karma!!
i know it, i need to stop
i'm convincing myself i'm getting hepatitis now
molly: but what if i dooooo? what if that's why i'm dehydrated??
oh wait, i think i've had that vaccine
so unless my vaccine didn't work, you're probably right
it's just a ruined liver
andrea: you're fine
you weirdo

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