Monday, August 31, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: did I ever mention I once had mono?

Last year Andrea got to go to the beach for a long weekend and she rubbed it all up in my face while I was withering away eating ice pops and watching "Six Feet Under."

What a dick.

Just kidding.

(95% kidding.)
  • 9/5/08 - 3:56pm
why aren't you heeeere?
me: go away miss vacation face
because i have a SUCK JOB and MONO
andrea: ugh
mono. no
me: no kidding
so do you have wireless on the beach or something??
because then i hate you more
andrea: wireless in the house, house next to the beach
me: poop
andrea: its awesome
like a last hurrah for summertime
me: POOP

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