Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirs-tay

As you may have noticed, I listen to and love every kind of music. I spend much of my time reliving my dream past with David Bowie, The Who, Velvet Underground, and The Clash, but I also appreciate some Miles Davis and Liza Minnelli (LIZA!). And sure, OK, I recently rediscovered my original cast recording of Chess and sang along with the whole thing (hey, the show birthed the ditty "One Night In Bangkok" mmkay?)

But you know what's in the forefront of my mind right now? HIP HOP. Pure, unadulterated ODB, Mos Def, De La Soul, and company. This is mainly because I've started taking hip hop dance classes again and have become introduced to current hip hop/pop/dance that I wouldn't be listening to otherwise. Kids, Bev B is the coolest and if you ever find yourself in midtown twiddling your thumbs you better get your butt into BDC and take one of her classes. It's worth it if only to hear her yell "look in the murrr" (look in the mirror) and "crump it! crump it! booty!" (flail wildly).

ANYWAY. I had a point here somewhere.... oh yes: if I had it my way and didn't have to work all day and magically still had a steady flow of cash, I would take dance classes all day and throw dance-off parties at night. Let's have mini one right now, shall we? Here's my lineup of choice:

This not only has a good warmup beat, but is also a sweet video. Stretch it out, but move yo' head:

And then we gotta - GOTTA - follow it with this.

I'm starting to give in to Lady Gaga's charms. It's bad. Also: we totally learned a dance to this in my class so if you ever in the club and I be there and this drops... check yourself.

And then, sure, yes, we should crump and booty shake to this:


*PS: Sorry I can't fit in the whole width of the videos. I tried to edit the HTML code but then messed up my entire blog and had to re-design it from memory because I don't actually know how to edit HTML so... just follow the link to watch full screen. Okey-doke???

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