Monday, July 27, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: work shmerk baby jerk

Not only does Dreaface have the patience to deal with dumb babies all day (she is a NANNY, folks - Mary Poppins whatwhaaaat?), she is also an excellent stylist of every fashion. I want her to pick out my outfits every morning and then follow me around with a camera. Needy? Definitely.
  • 9/19/08 - 11:30am
andrea: dear god thank god its friday
molly: no joke
of course it's going to go by soooo slowly though since i don't have much to do
andrea: i haven't even finished my first cup of coffee yet
i barely started it
and she's been screaming for an hour and a half
molly: where's baby nyquil when you need it?
man, i will never understand the screaming endurance of babies
andrea: seriously, you would think someone is pulling her skin off
and she does this everyday to one degree or another
because she's tired
molly: yeah, don't cry about it, weirdo
i don't get it either
andrea: i'm going to throw myself out a window
molly: nnoooooo i need you to be alive so you can fix my hair!
um... and love me

FYI: I'm pretty sure Drea has already abandoned The Weekly Widget & Sassoon. Tears. I'm going to try to keep it up anyway because it forces me to at least write a teeny tiny bit in here every week and gives me an excuse to sort through every gchat conversation ever. Although, I'd like to point out that she's the one who got all CAPS LOCK at me when we birthed this:
  • 6/8/09 - 12:57pm
andrea: we should each just go through our archives and post a different chat on our own blog every day until we run out
still kind of like stealing the idea, only...i really want to do it and ours are better anyways
molly: yes, me too
we wouldn't even have to do it every day
because i'm a slacker
andrea: you wouldn't remember
what about one a week?
molly: it's true
omgeeee do it today!
but surprise me!
and then i'll post one and maybe it will be the same one because we share a brain!
andrea: yes!
we'll do it every monday!
molly: deal!!

But she posts, like, actual photos about her real live life and stuff on her blog on a fairly consistent basis so maybe our blogs just complement one another more nicely. When my lack of relevance and photos bores you, head on over there. But in the meantime, stick around for some snarky references to the past and meandering thoughts.

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