Monday, July 13, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: spice up your life with bad grammar

Some people get bored and join a sports team or take a trip to an exotic land. We just drop letters and verbs:
  • 2/5/08 - 12:52am
in order to spice up life, i am going to start typing like this:
i a m typ ing li ke t his
i w ant spac es wh ere spa ces shoul d n ot b e
molly: and i will no verbs
this fun
andrea: s ee , i' m no goo d a t gramm ar. I wou d o mit al l th e wr ong thing s
molly: whoa! forecast here wednesday 62 degrees
earth hot
andrea: earth over man
earth over
no more polar bears or penguins
except on lost island
molly: and maybe planet of the apes.

We funny.

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