Monday, April 19, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: another reason we need our own film crew

It's true: Drea and I spend a lot of time bitching about our jobs, but at least our analogies are different every time.  I think I could someday string all our job rant analogies together and it would be a perfect sitcom.  Or at least a B-movie screenplay.

molly: btw, i'm curating more widget and sassoon laughables from our old chats and it's totally saving me right now
 andrea: Oh man! I should be doing that!
 Instead, I'm listening to a baby WHINE AND CRY FOREVER FOR NO REASON while I talk to you
 You think you have problems kid? Oh I'm sorry, is it too dark in here, is your mac and cheese not to your liking? Shall I wipe your ass again?
 molly: HA
  did you forget the sprig of parsley with that mac?
  maybe that's it
  or maybe you should heat those baby wipes with your breath
 andrea: Maybe I should run screaming into the rain and twirl in circles at my glorious, glorious freedom
 molly: yeah! and hire a steadicam to follow you!
 andrea: Hee hee!

 andrea: GARBAGE
 the world is garbage.

 molly: it sure is

  except for the parts with dancing
  those are golden

Aaaaand scene.

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