Monday, April 26, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: ba dum ching!

It's Monday!  Time for me to be sick again!

Really though: get with it, body!  My first day back at work after a leisurely week off and that's when you decide to smack me with yet another cold?  Why do I get sick all the timeOh my god, do I have lupus??  Shit.  I suppose it's actually just proof of just how opposed my body is to being back at the job.

Now that I'm sitting in bed eating spicy soup out of a giant mug though, I'm feeling marginally better.  If I had a little bit more energy I would dance to this (or at least come up with another snappy pun):

andrea: It's only 4:00
 Where's the justice?
  womp womp 

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