Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: back in the day

I've done it: I've gotten so lazy that I missed my self-imposed Monday midnight Widget and Sassoon deadline and you know what? I DON'T CARE.  I'm trying out this new thing called Not Being Hard On Myself.  Crazy, right?  I hear many people do it every day and actually lead lives without endless to-do lists and, shucks, what a novel idea! 

But enough about my crazy brain.  This is about my AND Andrea's crazy brain.

This April 1st marked three years of me living in New York City.  Whooooaaaaaawoowww.  I've been reminiscing about those good ol' early days lately, remembering all the super cool fun Drea and I had in the giant single apartment I was subletting in Washington Heights.

Except for that shithead cat.  About 24 hours after that photo was taken, I learned he was a fun-ruiner.

So in the spirit of nostalgia, I dug up one of the very first gchats we ever had (ever!), from that grand spring of '07.  [Note: I have no idea what "Gaslight" was.  Probably some lameo show/movie that I knew I was better off not seeing.  HA.  Clearly our online love/hate relationship was already in full bloom.]

andrea: you're druuuuunk
 molly: not anymore
  but kinda dizzy, for some reason
  i think i'm dying
  my brain is dying
 andrea: i want to do things on brightly colored pieces of paper
 molly: me too!
  a little...
i'm in one of those moods where i'm wide awake and have the urge to do ... something
  but i have no idea what
  it should probably be sleep
 hey i completely changed my mind about thurs night
  i don't really want to see "gaslight" any more bc i have too much shit to do
  i need to start packing too
 andrea: blah blah blah
  you just want to blow me off
  and NOT do things on brightly colored pieces of paper!
 molly: you're so right
  i'm actually making a voodoo doll of you
 andrea: i hate you
 molly: that's my crafty craftiness
 andrea: bah.

 molly: g'night buttface
 andrea: bah.

And with that memento, G'NIGHT BUTTFACES!

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