Monday, March 08, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: whatEVER, fashion!

Yeah, that's right - we know what's UP, fashion industry!  You're all creating nonsense clothing as part of an evil ploy to make us wear ridiculous no-heeled shoes and diaper pants and then you laugh at us from your cave lair with the TVs where the secret hidden cameras are broadcasting our pratfalls.  Take THAT, fashion week!

What's that?  Fashion week is already old news?  All the shoes had heels?  Oh.

Don't mind me; I'm just trying to hit "publish" before midnight so I can gain a minor sense of accomplishment from meeting my weekly self-imposed deadline.  Alrighty?  Good. 

JEGGINGS!  (No, Rihanna, not even you.)

me: speaking of topshop, my latest newsletter from them says the latest thing is "jeggings"
  jeans + leggings

 andrea: WHAT?
 me: I KNOW
i'm trying to send you a link, but i don't know if it will work
  i'm forwarding the email ad
 me: you are so fast
  yeah, super ugh
 andrea: jeggings just skyrocketed to the most offensive word in my vocabulary
 me: i'm going to start slipping it into conversation
like an adjective
  "ew, this cheese is so jeggings"
they just look like really cheap kmart jeans for lazy people

 andrea: they're horrible
  i hate them
  i'm mad at topsshop for purveying them

 me: topshop purveys a lot of nonsense
they just luck out because they carry SO much stuff that there is more good than bad
 i remember when topshop was the first that i noticed to carry "harem pants" and i was all no no no no wtf

 andrea: ll the harem pantds should be burned
  NOBODY looks good in harem pants
  or jeggings for that matter

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