Monday, March 29, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: this post is rated PG-13 for boob talk

Another short and sweet post today, comrades.  It's almost midnight and I'm cranky and I need to eat my baked potato and take a shower and drink vodka.  What, you want a segue?  Pfffsshht, okay. 

I've continually been talking myself off of ledges for the past few days, sparked especially by my attempts to do my taxes (anyone want to give me Turbo Tax help in exchange for hugs and cookies??) and climaxing today when I accidentally slept in until 11:10am (I'm supposed to be at work at 10:00).  But you know who's the champ of talking me off ledges?  Drea Drea.  Even when I'm irrationally freaking out about my boobs. Sha-BAM.

molly: in other news, i've been paranoid because i've continually had weird chest pains around my heart, but now i think maybe i'm just continually pulling my boob muscle
  can you pull a boob muscle?
  i mean, it seems possible, right?
 andrea: i dunno
 molly: or is it a slowly developing heart attack?
 andrea: i mean, there must be muscle underneath your boob
  heart attacks don't develop slowly silly
 molly: but maybe mine is!
  or it's a stroke!
 andrea: its not a stroke
 molly: i'm benjamin button old!
 andrea: no no no
  you're being ridiculous
 molly: sheesh
 next time i go to the doctor i'm gonna make her explain the musculature of the boob
 but i realized it's the side where i always carry my giant bags so.... yeah
 andrea: that sounds like a very edifying conversation topic
molly: i like to make a doctor feel like they're really earning they're paycheck
 andrea: me too

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