Sunday, October 10, 2010

I still need a good DJ name

I've been looking for a way to share music on this blog through some way other than embedding YouTube videos.  Ideally, I want to share entire mixes, but I'm old and bumbling when it comes to these things so I haven't quite figured out how to upload my sweet collections and then pack them into a neato zip file for you fine people to download.

Until I school myself, I'm going to play around with 8tracks.  I discovered it through Style Rookie (man, she's been all over my laptop this week) and it seems pretty easy to build a mix and embed it here.  The database of music selections is a little scattered and you can't download anything, but at least you can listen to my hot tunes while you drink whiskey or refinish your cabinets or color-code your Excel file or whatever.

I got lazy for my first mix and followed the suggestion of the site by making an 8tracks "debut" mix, with these very specific eight tracks:
1. A song from 2010 I love
2. A song everyone on 8tracks should hear
3. A song that reminds me of high school
4. A song from the year I was born
5. A song from a band I LOVE
6. A song I can sing along to
7. A song about my city / state
8. A top 40 song I hate to admit I like

Artwork is the 1st result of this image search: my first pet's name (Eponine) + the street I grew up on (Mountain View Road)
That's not to say I didn't spend some intense brain time on these because I sure did.  Painstaking.

Enjoy.  Better mixes soon to come...


Tria said...

I like your blog, i like sugar too. :] i tried to "follow" you, but i couldn't figure out how. :[

RavenMcCoy said...

HI! I love followers! I think all you have to do is copy my URL and then go to your dashboard and click the "Add" button in the "Blogs I'm Following" box.

Hope that helps! Glad you're on the fast track to diabetes and tooth decay with me!