Monday, October 11, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: dreams and cocaine and egg sandwiches

I just started reading Carl Jung's Man and His Symbols and it's set me off on a kick of trying to dig into my subconscious.  I know, it sounds pretentious, but I had originally bought the book for some religion or sociology class in college and randomly rediscovered it a few days ago.  It's actually fairly easy to read and digest and I'm getting that nerdy rush of excitement that I haven't felt in awhile - LEARNING! (Excuse me while I push my glasses further up my nose and use my inhaler.)

Mr. Jung is teaching me that the symbols planted in our unconscious can arise in many forms other than dream forms, but I think dreams are still great examples of the crazy shit going on in my head.  This one is almost as good as Andrea's:

andrea: oh the day
  i just want to eat an egg sandwich and bake a bread
me: i am actually feeling an urge to write and paint and such, which i haven't felt for a long time
 i had an epic dream last night that i lived in an apartment building that was attached to a bar
  which was awesome until the landlord/bar owner made us sell cocaine from the bar in order to keep our apartments
  i was bad at it and someone tried to give me a ladle instead of money
 andrea: its like an episode of an hbo show
  i almost typed "hobo show"
 me: and i was all "hey! no! you owe me $40!"
  it was cheap coke
 andrea: that's right you big coke dealer, you GET your money
 me: i was bad at it

Maybe it's time to get back in the habit of writing down my dreams every morning.  If anything, it will help me rule out some bad career choices.

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