Monday, November 22, 2010

Good news/bad news

I'll jump right to it:

Good news: I got a job!!  This will be me in about a month:

That's right, I'm gonna work at the 5th Avenue Apple Store!  As... a part time... cashier!  I know, retail, but it's APPLE.  If that's not gonna eventually force me into an iPhone, I don't know what will.  I have to wait a month because their training schedule doesn't match up with mine very easily (who knew unemployment would make me even busier than before??), but I should be able to start training on 12/11.  Yay discount!

The bad news: I did not get Jens Lekman tickets.  :( :( :(

There are not enough sad emoticons to fully express how I feel.  He even added a second show and it sold out in roughly TWO MINUTES!  I know because they were released at noon, I clicked the link at 12:01, it turned out to be the wrong link so I scrambled back to the right one at 12:02, and then they were sold out.  CURSESSSSS!!!!

If anyone reading this has a spare ticket to sell me, you can be the first to abuse my Apple discount.  Sweet deal, right??

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