Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Super Sweet Jens Lekman

It worked!  Jens Lekman is coming back to NYC!!

I shrieked aloud when I saw this in my inbox last night:
Hi everyone,

I had some stuff to do in New York this winter so I figured I might as well do a small solo show while I'm there since it's been so long.
It will be special and maybe we can have one of those house parties afterwards, like we had last time?
If my friends neighbors are cool with that, I'll let you know.

December 10th, 2010
New York, USA
Green Building on Union
450 Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Doors: 8pm
Stage: 9:30pm

There's 400 tickets - $17 adv / $20 door
Tickets here
Currently it's 18+, we're looking into ways of solving this so anyone can go but can't promise anything.
I'm totes buying a ticket.  You should all get one too.  And DUH, Jens, of COURSE we should have a house party afterwards!

You're welcome, New York!  It was alllllll me.

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