Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: dreams do come true

On days when I am feeling directionless and questioning my life choices, I like to try and remember how far I've come.  Sure, I'm slowly eating through my savings account, spending late nights watching cartoons and drinking whiskey, and my bedroom is covered in piles of mail and clothing BUT at least I'm not still job searching, right??

And I'm thinking positively for Andrea, too.  Sure, it sucks that she spends most days hanging out with a toddler and her closet doesn't hold all of her clothes BUT at least she has an iPhone!  See?  Things aren't so bad, people!  Unless you're reading this over someone's shoulder in a Starbucks because you're homeless.  That is bad.

me:i'm pretty sure i'm not getting that BAM job and it's killing my spirit
andrea: why? did the interview go badly?
 me: not terribly, but i haven't heard a peep from them and the interview was last monday
 i have a feeling they think i'm underqualified
 andrea: underqualified?
  that's boo hockey
 me: ha! boo hockey!
  yeah, i guess, but i keep thinking of other things i could have thrown into the interview that i didn't
 i'm sure they're interviewing a ton of people though
 andrea: yeah, a week ago is not that long
 did they give you a time frame for hiring at all?
 me: they said as soon as possible
  and the original ad said mid-august :(
 andrea: lame
 everyone's lame
  were the two best people for everything and noone wants to help us
  everyone's a JERK
 me: i KNOW!
 jerkface america!
 andrea: jerkface WORLD
  i just want a place to LIVE
  I want a JOB
  i want the world to stop making me TYPE IN CAPS

me: HATE IT!andrea: ugh. i just want an iphone and some new boots

Actually, Andrea probably does still want some new boots.

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