Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: in YOUR face!

I am in the midst of another one of my semi-monthly goddam-I-overbooked-my-life freakouts so I'll let this one speak for itself while I continue to write drunk emails.  You're welcome!

andrea: i want a lollipop
  i want a cuuuupcake
  i want some COTTON CANDY
  in my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
  did you like my song?
  i wrote it for you
 you're my inspiration
 me: not in your mouth? just rubbed all over your face? that's weird
  oh, well then
  it does sound like something i'd sing
 andrea: not ON my face
  IN my face
 me: in your pores?
andrea: no, in my mouthy part of face
 me: oohhhh wellllll thennnn
 andrea: yup yup yup
 win win win
  zing ziing zing

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