Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: Facebook school

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.  The pros include inviting many people at once to events when I don't want to use a phone, updating my status with pretentious song lyrics, and - of course - stalking people from high school.  The cons, however, are just as numerous: getting tagged in awful photos, people babbling about virtual farm animals, and... ok, people updating their statuses with pretentious song lyrics.  But BAD ones!  Blergh.  I feel like an old person in a rocking chair when I tell people how I long for the days when Facebook was just for college students to track down that dude from Geology class and post hilarious photos from the dorm.

For now I'm still neutral about Facebook, but it seems to be a trend among some of my friends to quit altogether and delete their accounts.  Is this the new cool thing to do?  Subvert the standard?  Drea seems to think so.

me: ummmm did jamien have a baby??
 andrea: i know she was preggers
  maybe she popped
  is facebook telling you tales?
 me: yup
  i'm inviting people to something so can't click on her profile yet, but i noticed her photo was a baby
  i had no idea she was knocked up
 man, i HATE that
  you are not your baby!
  don't make your photo of your kid!
 andrea: I KNOW
  people are so stupid
 me: although i also just noticed that my friend joel changed his photo to lindsay lohan's mugshot
  he wins
 andrea: i win
me: no, you can't win if you forfeit the game
 andrea: no, that's the secret
  that's how you win at facebook
 me: whatevs
 be all too-cool-for-school
andrea: I've always been too cool for school

Well DUH right back at you because if it weren't for Facebook, we wouldn't have Lamebook.  Also, I wouldn't have found this old gem:

Thanks, Mr. Zuckerberg, for keeping my drunk-in-public moments precious.

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