Monday, November 02, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: thank you, Netflix Instant

I am completely addicted to "Dexter."  I added it to my Netflix queue on a whim and then got all wrapped up in it, especially at the end of the first season.  Whoa! The plot twists!  And THEN, lo and behold, it's available to watch instantly on Netflix.  Why have I not embraced this feature until now??  I can watch episode after episode without having to go anywhere or build a semblance of a social life!

So I'm currently only on season two, but already I'm sucked in.  Oh Michael C. Hall, you've won me over with your creepy emotionless charm!  I loved him on "Six Feet Under," which is why I thought to watch "Dexter" in the first place.  "Six Feet Under" was my Netflix obsession last year and sometimes I miss not knowing what was in store for those Fishers and Chenoweths.  Andrea is just as passionate about it as I am and, as you can tell, sometimes we forget they're not real people.

*SPOILER ALERT* Spoilers. They are here.  Maybe don't read this chat if you haven't seen any "Six Feet Under" and would like to block out all plot exposition until you watch it beginning to end (as you should).

  • 10/31/08 - 1:29pm
andrea: did you just watch that episode where claire is at work?
 molly: six feet under?
  no i just finished disc two
  nate's 40th birthday
and claire is just smoking weed 24/7
andrea: wow, so much happens in every season
  they really pack it in
  that's where he freaks out on that bird
 molly: YES
  so scary
 like a flashback to when he kills that snake
  actually the last episode i saw was the one right after that where he's finally nice and he and brenda explain the whole two mommy thing to maya
  which is good because nate saved me from hating him
  he's on the edge of being a complete douche
andrea: he's such a whiner
  nothing is ever good enough for him
  oh no I hate my life, i don't want to be a funeral director
  oh no brenda's mean to me, i hate her brother
  oh no I married lisa and i hate her!
  oh no lisa's dead! but i loved her!
 oh no, i'm with brenda again!
 molly: I KNOWWWW
  so annoying
  and yet, each episode i manage to still feel bad for him
  but lately i've been feeling more for brenda
 she used to be a complete mess and know that she's finally pulled it together everyone dumps on her
 andrea: yeah, she's definitely doing better
molly: oh man... if i only i put so much energy into caring about real people...
  no one has such dramatic lives, i suppose
 andrea: its true
  our friends need to step it up
molly: yeah, and start having sex addictions and drug dealer friends
 andrea: yeah, what the eff?

Speaking of death and serial killers and blood, Halloween was bananas. I was a zombie camp counselor and I drank a lot of vodka and kept dropping things (umbrella, phone, beer bottles).  Thanks, Andrea, for helping me pick things up (like my brain).

I still need to be Liza and/or Suri someday, but I was down to the wire and really wanted to use fake blood.


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