Monday, November 09, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: YOU grow up!

I like to describe my fashion sense as kindergarten-meets-Golden Girls.  In theory, that would meet somewhere in middle age and I would dress all Ann Taylor-y, but I don't.  In reality, it means that I wear a lot of jersey dresses and tights and fake pearls and ugly sweaters and things with pockets.  I am probably a prime candidate for "What Not To Wear," although I would cry when they threw all my stuff in the trashcan. 
  • 2/14/08 -1:41pm
molly: is it bad that lately i've been wanting nearly everything in the window of gap kids?
 andrea: no, you're stepping up from Old Navy Kids
  your growing!
 molly: it's true!
  go me!
  gap kids has some awesome looking raincoats though and i keep wondering if i can fit an xxl or something
 andrea: i need a new cheeky beret and I don't know where to get one. possibly the gap...
 molly: gap kids!
  it's in the window!

The obsession never ends.  Have you seen the Stella McCartney stuff at Gap Kids right now? 

WhatwhatWHAT?? Holy shit I need a pink poncho and a sweater dress!!!  And ducklings!!!  STELLAAAAAA!!

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