Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: LIBRARY PARTY!

I've had this amazing idea for a theme party kicking around in my head for a few years now: The Library Party.

First of all, in my ideal world, all parties would be theme parties.  And by theme parties I mean themed everything: appropriate music, kitschy food and drinks, and guests must arrive in costume. Almost all parties I went to in college were theme parties, but in retrospect that may have been because we were nerdy theatre kids. 

Yes, I know how photogenic I am, please hold your gasps.

But still: what is it about reaching a certain age that makes it uncool to get dressed up and meticulously plan for a theme party?  Why does it only have to be OK on Halloween?

That's why my dream theme party is the Library Party.  I think it would attract both people like me who are freaks about costume parties and the more wary people who would only like to put on a crazy tie.  The idea would be that everyone has to arrive dressed as either a character from a book or a famous author.  PLUS, every guest would have to bring a book or two that they don't want and would swap with others at the party.  There would of course also be literary-themed drinks and snacks and music.  If I got my act together, I would even sent out real snail-mail invites printed on old library cards.  Really though, the best part would be the chance for a bunch of pretentious nerds to get drunk and talk books and then dance together - right??

The one thing holding me back is my fear that I don't know enough nerds who would actually get on board and show up.  What if Andrea was the only guest??  All we'd do is wear fake beards and eat mango and dance!

andrea: i love mango
  if I wasn't so full right now, I would want mango real bad
 me: i went through a big mango phase a few years ago and then kinda forgot about them
 oh yeah i've seen those somewhere before, on daily candy or something
  i love a good book nerd shirt
 andrea: me too!
 me: man, one of these days i am really throwing a library party and it's going to KILL
andrea: dude. fall
  do it for the start of fall
 me: YES
trouble is, i can't find enough nerds who are into it
 andrea: are you kidding?
  you know tons of THEATRE people
  and improv nerds
  who will I be?!
  oh nooooooo!!!!1
 me: yeah, maybe i'll start spreading the word during del close marathon next weekend
  yeah, that would be my biggest problem - finding the best costume ever
 maybe i'll surprise everyone and be fucking MARK TWAIN!
 andrea: yeeeeeeessss
 this is so hard
  i'm staring off into space thinking about it
  i should have been thinking about this for years
 its like halloween pressure times twenty
 me: it's ok, there's time
  seeing as it won't happen until i get a big enough nerd posse

Whoops, I never did spread the word during DCM so consider this your official pre-invitation, nerd posse.

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